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Provide a professional experience with notary backgrounds

With notary backgrounds, we’re helping notaries offer a professional signing experience – from anywhere.
Andrew MacDougall
December 19, 2023

In a remote-first world, notaries now serve customers from home, the office, or at their place of business. We heard loud and clear that both businesses and notaries want to maintain a level of professionalism that comes with the responsibility of being notary.

That’s why we launched image backgrounds. With image backgrounds, notaries can select one of three background images to display behind them during calls on the Proof platform. Coupled with our background blur options, notaries can choose a background that offers privacy and comfort while ensuring a professional experience for everyone they meet.

Notaries can select a background  for any meeting they participate in, whether in a notarial session or trusted referee meeting.

You can select a default background image before you join your next call. Simply click the question mark at the top-right corner of their dashboard and select Check A/V settings. Notaries can preview their video feed and compare image background options. The chosen image will remain in effect until the notary changes it or logs out of their account.

Notaries can also apply the image background during the meeting by clicking the three vertical dots within their video feed and selecting Video Background.

Notary image backgrounds are one of several new features on the Proof platform. Continue reading to learn more about how we’re improving the Proof experience for you and your customers.

Conditional fields are available on the API

Proof now supports conditional fields through our API endpoints at api.proof.com and api.notarize.com

API users can tag documents with if/then logic to ensure faster, more accurate signings. Once a signer completes a primary action, like clicking a checkbox, one or more additional fields are activated.

Implementation details can be found at dev.proof.com.

Conditional fields are already available for transactions that are created in the Proof platform. You can find more information about the functionality of conditional fields here.

Drag-and-drop ordering for document templates

A new drag-and-drop functionality allows users to rearrange the order of documents in a template with ease. This eliminates the need for businesses to replace their templates as their document needs evolve over time.

Organization Brand Name

Businesses can now customize their organization’s name across the Proof signing experience, ensuring brand consistency across your entire customer journey. This feature is especially beneficial for larger companies operating with multiple organizations on our platform.

For example, a large bank may have multiple individual branches operating as child accounts. The bank may find it convenient to name each child account using some internal naming convention. However, the brand we display to your customer can now be something different than the name on your account. That way regardless of how you name your accounts, you can be sure customers will always see your proper brand name whenever they receive communication from our platform. 

Regardless of your company’s size or business model, updating your brand name ensures you maintain brand affinity with your customers.

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