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Amended Law Introduces Fully Remote Online Notarization to South Dakota

South Dakota's governor signed a bill to amend the state's notarization laws. This change made improvements to the signer identification process and authorized the use of electronic documents.
James Fulgenzi
April 1, 2024

If you’ve looked at a map of states with remote online notarization laws at some point over the past four years, you’ve probably noticed one state sticking out among its neighbors: South Dakota. That’s because legislation originally passed in 2019 and modified in 2021 never fully digitized the state’s remote notarization process. 

Thanks to legislation introduced and passed this year, South Dakota can officially be added to the map, and notaries will soon be able to provide fully remote notarization services.

On March 14th, Governor Kristi Noem signed Senate Bill 211, which amended South Dakota’s notarization laws, making necessary improvements to the signer identification process and authorizing the use of electronic documents. Together, these changes add South Dakota to the list of 44 other states that have authorized RON.

SB 211 will be effective on June 23, 2024. Like other states, South Dakota’s Secretary of State is permitted to establish new regulations and processes for notaries, so please stay tuned and refer to the state's notary services division for more information.

Electronic documents have significant advantages over paper alternatives and are a welcomed addition to the notarization process in the Mount Rushmore State. When combined with newly enhanced remote identity proofing standards and recording and retention requirements, SB 211 delivers a more robust process and safer experience to the people and notaries of South Dakota.


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