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Identity verification built for a digital world

Proof is the world’s first identity-assured transaction management platform, combining automated identity verification solutions with humans to intervene when trust is at risk

Verify to your standards

With Proof, you can build custom identity verification processes to support all your business’ use cases. Proof is also the first eSignature platform that’s compliant with NIST IAL2 identity verification standards, the national benchmark for securing sensitive transactions online.

1. SMS authentication

Make sure the right people access your documents. With Proof, signers provide their mobile phone number and input a code they receive via text message to verify their identity.

2. Knowledge-based authentication

Proof uses information provided by signers to reference third-party data sources and generate identity verification questions.

3. Credential analysis

Signers capture an ID that is then analyzed to determine if it is genuine. In less than five seconds, Proof runs more than 25 different verification checks on the ID to confirm its authenticity. 

4. Biometric comparison

Borrowed IDs account for almost 95% of all ID fraud. Proof combats this by comparing the ID captured in credential analysis to a real-time “selfie” to confirm that the individual matches their ID.

5. Liveness check

Artificial intelligence and deepfakes are increasingly popular tools for identity theft. Proof combats these technologies by analyzing the biometric comparison “selfies” for details that confirm the person on screen is real and present, such as depth and motion perception.

6. AAMVA check

Proof verifies U.S. driver’s licenses and state identification cards with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). The AAMVA check compares information on the ID and its unique barcode with DMV records to catch fraudulent IDs in real time.

7. On-demand identity agents

Notaries and trusted referees are available 24/7 to support transactions that trigger or require manual identity verification.

“Proof’s solutions adhere to the most rigorous identity verification standards, reflecting their commitment to providing trustworthy signatures which will protect businesses and consumers.”
Kay Chopard
Executive Director of Kantara Initiative

Every transaction needs trust

Fraud is one of the biggest threats facing businesses today. With Proof, we give you auditable identification and cryptographic evidence so your business can have greater trust in its most important transactions.

Fight fraud

Businesses need evidence that you’re interacting with legitimate customers. Proof has built-in fraud flags and Enhanced Signer Identification for a full view into the signer’s identity and activity of each document.

Simplify compliance

Proof Engine® accounts for more than 4.5 million rules to ensure each transaction complies with state laws, company policies, and regulatory requirements.

Reduce friction

Proof’s on-demand solutions allow customers to verify and eSign at their convenience, helping businesses process their transactions faster.

Illustration of digital transactions

Digital transactions pioneers

We pioneered new ways to transact digitally. The first online notarization and the first home to close 100% virtually (not in person) was on our platform.

Representation of responsive compliance rules

We wrote the rules

Proof raises the bar with responsive compliance rules programmed by the people who wrote the rule book. Automated workflows flex to address potential risks and provide documentation that stands up to legal, regulatory and corporate scrutiny.

Enterprise grade reliability for security and more

Enterprise grade reliability

The largest enterprises insuring your home, managing your retirement, and caring for your financial well being run on Proof. We have the security, accessibility, and reliability industries demand to secure their business with Proof.

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Why Proof?

We’re on a mission to secure all critical commerce in our economy, because digital transactions are truly more secure than pen and paper.

Enhanced security

Proof protects transactions by verifying an identity before granting access to the document. This ensures only the intended recipient has access to the document and its sensitive information.

Lower costs

Online identity proofing reduces costs associated with physical paperwork, storage, and document transportation. Cost savings can be passed onto your customers through better interest rates or lower fees.

Geographic flexibility

Proximity is no longer a barrier. Businesses can authenticate customers remotely, which means you can serve customers anywhere without requiring them to visit a physical location.

Trust and confidence

Proof is the first eSign platform to be IAL2 certified by the Kantara Initiative. This means Proof offers the gold standard for online identity verification, elevating the trust for all parties involved in a transaction.

Auditable documentation

Proof captures a robust audit trail that details each step of a transaction and your signer’s identity information. These records help prove compliance, provide data to courts, and offer insight into the legitimacy of a customer.

Accessible experience

Serve every customer and provide an equitable experience for all. Proof works for those with hearing and vision impairment with a customer experience that meets WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility requirements.

Supporting Content

Proof certifications, approvals, and standards

Proof adheres to strict security standards and regulations validated by thorough third-party assessments. We remain committed to the protection of customer data and accessibility.

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