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Proof is the leading eNotaryLog alternative

eNotaryLog recently shared that it will soon cease operations. As the leader in online notarization, Proof is the perfect eNotaryLog alternative to help businesses manage their notarization needs.
Lauren Hintz
March 25, 2024

Interested in moving your online notarizations to Proof? Reach out to us here.

eNotaryLog recently shared news about closing their virtual doors later this month. With that announcement, you may be seeking a reliable alternative for your online notarization needs. At Proof, we help people and businesses digitize life’s most important moments. If you’re looking for a replacement for eNotaryLog and found yourself on our website, thank you for considering us for some of your most critical documents and agreements.

This post will help you understand a bit more about our platform. You’ll learn about the Notarize Network, how you can use your notaries or ours, why the nation’s top banks and real estate companies trust our enterprise-grade platform, and how Proof allows you to secure more than just notarized documents.

What to look for in an eNotaryLog alternative

As eNotaryLog customers and prospects wewigh their next steps, we urge them to consider all the ways a new online notarization solution can support their business. With Proof, we believe our platform has all the features, functionality, and flexibility to support any business in its efforts to manage and protect their most important transactions.

Here's what sets Proof apart.

The world’s largest on-demand Notary Network

As the pioneer of remote online notarization, we built the largest network of professional notaries. The Notarize Network has thousands of compliant and approved notaries. The average wait time for a notary is less than a second, and they’re available 24/7. For more than nine years, we’ve made it possible for anyone to instantly connect with a notary online via video to get their documents legally notarized. 

The choice to use your notaries or our Network

A unique part of our offering is that you get to choose your notaries or ours. Some customers prefer to use their own teams of notaries, so the Proof platform supports ‘in-house notaries.’ Your employees can get access to the same industry-leading technology and training as the Notary Network. Your in-house notaries even get branded backgrounds for brand consistency and professionalism.

The driving force behind nationwide adoption of online notarization

We work with industry and government partners across all 50 states to advocate for innovation in the law that help advance the use of remote online notarization and the acceptance of remotely notarized documents. Most recently, we partnered with California lawmakers to bring remote online notarization to one of the biggest real estate states in the country. We help write the laws and then those rules are then built into the platform. We also work with county recording offices and DMVs to explain RON and drive acceptance. Many online notarization companies buried with the amount of legal complexity in remote online notarization laws. Since we partner with lawmakers, we keep our software up-to-date with any law changes over time.

A platform that prioritizes compliance 

The Proof Engine® is an intelligent platform that streamlines operations and makes informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of your specific document and business requirements. Our platform understands the logic required to execute your documents accurately.

Enterprise-grade security features

When you use Proof for notarization, you’ll get more evidence than paper and ink. Our customers have access to a video recording of the notary meeting, an audit trail of the transactions and evidence of identity verification artifacts. Notaries get a digital notary journal to comply with their state laws. 

We also help enterprises with fraud monitoring in real time. We’re the only online notarization platform that’s IAL2 certified by the Kantara Initiative

We work with you on digitizing your workflows. You can use Proof to create unique URLs for notarization requests (what we call “Easylinks”), or use our in-platform UI for sending a notarization request, or we’ll partner with you on building an API integration. We’re an-in-one platform for transactions beyond online notarization, too: enterprise customers use us for digitizing end-to-end workflows with identity verification, notarization and eSign in one tool.

How it works

With Proof’s online notarization capability, your customers no longer need to drive across town to find a notary. Upload a document, prove your identity, and meet with an online notary instantly.

Learn more about online notarization on the Proof platform.

Trust your business with Proof  

Proof (formerly Notarize) mission is to connect the world through the most secure, frictionless identity network, to protect the digital economy. As more critical commerce shifts from in-person to online, companies need to be able to trust who is behind every digital interaction. With industry-leading compliance and built-in fraud prevention tools, Proof secures trust at every customer touchpoint using a transaction platform that cryptographically binds verified legal identity to signatures, documents, and data. Over $374B worth of real estate has been secured with Proof through its partnerships with major title companies and mortgage lenders in the US. Proof is also trusted by more than 7,000 organizations, from some of the largest brands in financial services to small businesses. 

Proof’s platform serves a wide range of industries, from estate planning to property management, retirement, health care, construction, legal, credit unions, small business lending, and government. 

  • If you’re an individual with a document you need notarized, you can try it right here
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Or, we can help you to build a fully integrated experience by contacting our team.

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