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Faster permitting with eSign and online notarization in one platform

Proof handles everything from collecting customer agreements to notarization to identity verification in one easy-to-use platform. With over 34M business days saved, we make it simpler, safer and faster to do business online.

Accelerate document collection with one platform for everything 

Reduce turn time with 24/7 online notarization

Eliminate costly delays of requiring customers to visit a notary. Proof improves customer experience with instant access to our remote Notarize Network to execute regulated documents like site permits. 

Speed up paperwork with smarter eSign

Reduce operational complexity to clicking a button. Proof automatically enforces applicable laws, company policies and regulatory requirements. No more complicated training; no more costly rework. 

Strengthen contracts with identity verification 

Avoid potential contract disputes with proof of signer identity. Proof checks signer ID and matches their selfie to the photo on their ID. Proof also provides a tamper-proof audit trail that is recorded with every signature. 

Illustration of digital transactions

Digital transactions pioneers

We pioneered new ways to transact digitally. The first online notarization and the first home to close 100% virtually (not in person) was on our platform.

Representation of responsive compliance rules

We wrote the rules

Proof raises the bar with responsive compliance rules programmed by the people who wrote the rule book. Automated workflows flex to address potential risks and provide documentation that stands up to legal, regulatory and corporate scrutiny.

Enterprise grade reliability for security and more

Enterprise grade reliability

The largest enterprises insuring your home, managing your retirement, and caring for your financial well being run on Proof. We have the security, accessibility, and reliability industries demand to secure their business with Proof.

Digitize your California closings with Proof

California Senate Bill 696 unlocks remote online notarization for real estate closings in 2024


Customer days saved

7K customers

On the Proof platform


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More than a signature, it’s Proof

Automated document prep

Ensuring that every form is executed correctly can be a massive headache. Potentially hundreds of applicable laws, policies and business rules required to complete your signer’s documents. Proof dramatically reduces operational overhead by automating away many of these complexities.

Integrated identity verification

Collecting proof of identity from customers is a critical prerequisite for many solar contracts. You need to confirm that the people signing the agreement are eligible for solar installation, whether they’re the rightful property owner and whether they qualify for government incentives. Proof verifies identity using a combination of: SMS authentication, credential analysis, knowledge-based authentication, biometric comparison and third-party database checks.

Customer-friendly technology

Proof takes potentially complex processes like identity verification and notarization and makes them accessible to everyone. This includes supporting a wide range of device types. Our identity verification process is unique because signers having trouble with automated identity checks are instantly routed to a trusted referee for resolution.

Tamper-proof audit trail

Protections against contract disputes or repudiation are particularly critical in the solar industry where leases, loans and PPAs are often securitized. With Proof, Signed documents have a comprehensive audit trail trail with timestamps, identity verification results, and details of the actions performed by the signer.

Deploy in days

Upgrading technology is hard with constrained budgets and limited IT resources. Proof makes the decision easy with no code and low code deployment solutions that are up-and-running in days. There’s no need to endure a long and painful implementation or compete for a place on IT’s development calendar. Plus, the intuitive and easy-to-use design makes it simple for teams to adopt with minimal training.

Featured solar & energy use cases

Online notarization

Instant access to an eNotary
  • Site permit application
  • Power of attorney
  • Property owner authorization
  • Liability and insurance agreements
  • Job applicant authorization for background check


Sign on any device
  • Solar installation contract
  • Terms and conditions
  • Warranty agreement
  • Performance guarantee
  • Lease or purchase agreement
  • Net metering agreement
  • Maintenance and service agreement
  • Insurance and liability agreement
  • Permitting and approval documentation
  • Financing agreement

Proof of identity

Remote identity verification
  • Customer identity verification
  • Property owner identity verification
  • Job applicant identity verification
  • Subcontractor identity verification

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