We just launched Identify, a no-code solution for identity verification that can be deployed into all critical customer interactions. Read more.

Discover Proof’s Latest Products and Features to Combat Fraud and Enhance Security

Learn what new features are coming to the product in June 2024.
Melissa Norton
June 13, 2024

Our newest products and features help prevent fraud and ensure integrity while preparing and completing all your transactions.

Identity Verification for Every Transaction

We are excited to announce our newest product offering, Identify. Identify is a robust solution designed to combat identity fraud across all industries.  

With increasing concerns about identity fraud, Identify offers a proactive approach to verifying identities, ensuring that bad actors are ruled out early in your process.  This saves your business valuable time and reduces financial losses associated with fraudulent activities.

For our API customers, Identify integrates seamlessly into your workflow, whether online or in-person.  Not connected through our API? Our EasyLinks offer a no-code solution that simplifies the process by allowing businesses to create predefined links that service users in bulk.  Contact our sales team to learn more.

When paired with Defend, Identify becomes an even more powerful tool for verifying identities and detecting fraud early on.

Prevent Signature Discrepancies with Lock Recipient Name

Traditionally, recipients have had the ability to update the name they use on their signature. This flexibility has sometimes led to issues where recipients sign documents with a different name than initially provided, causing complications and acceptance issues for our customers.

With Lock Recipient Name enabled, the designated recipient must pass KBA and credential analysis under the name provided by the organization and will then sign the document with that name.  This not only helps prevent fraud but also ensures that the name on the document matches the signature, streamlining acceptance and reducing potential disputes.

Coming Soon - The New Transaction Creation Experience for Title 

The new transaction creation experience! Along with a new look and feel, we've made usability improvements to the transaction creation form. With new optional fields, you can capture vital details to better track eSign and Proof signatures: file number, loan number, points of contact, transaction name, transaction type, and external ID. 

These enhancements set the stage for exciting new product offerings to come.

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