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Proof Welcomes Eric Fleischman as CTO to Help Build the Identity Layer for the Internet

Eric Fleischman joins Proof as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Lauren Hintz
March 25, 2024

New Chief Technology Officer joins after decades working on large-scale identity problems

Proof today announced that Eric Fleischman has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). A technology industry and digital identity veteran, Eric was previously the CTO of Invitae, and prior to that, he was the Chief Architect at DocuSign, where he led the company’s technical strategy and engineering. 

Fleischman joined DocuSign in 2013, and during his 8-year tenure, he built much of the high-scale cloud and security infrastructure that is still critical to DocuSign today. He is also credited with spearheading the carrier-grade initiative and was integral to DocuSign’s revered 99.999% availability, where throughout his tenure, DocuSign scaled through COVID without experiencing any downtime. He also spent a decade at Microsoft working on big-scale identity problems, building systems like MS Account, SkyDrive and Active Directory. He’s also a board member at BillingPlatform.  

Eric has a strong track record of designing high-scale solutions and helping Fortune 100 companies embrace digital transformation for key agreements, often serving as the technical point of contact for some of the largest and most demanding customers. He joins Proof at a critical time in technology where identity and trust on the internet are in jeopardy, and more and more enterprises turn to Proof to digitally secure every customer interaction with a verified legal identity. 

“I'm thrilled to welcome Eric to Proof. Not only has he built mission-critical infrastructure that entire industries rely upon at Docusign, but his experience at Microsoft contributed to the foundations of online identity that run the web,” said Pat Kinsel, Proof Founder and CEO. “Over years of conversation, we've come to realize a shared vision: a signature is so much more than drawing on a dotted line. If eSign digitized the drawn signature and Notarize digitized legal identity, Proof makes the benefits of legal identity instantaneous, ubiquitous, and verifiable. With Eric's help building this next chapter, in the future every interaction will be signed with Proof, answering the critical question, ‘can I trust this?’”

“I’m convinced that digital identity is the biggest challenge we are going to face as a society. We’re moving nearly everything online at a rapid pace, but identity verification hasn’t kept up with how many things we do on a daily basis that could and should be analyzed - all the things we sign, agree to, accept, or authorize. So much critical commerce happens as a result of these things we do on the internet, and if society loses trust in doing business online we will go backwards,” said Eric Fleischman, Proof’s newly-appointed CTO. “ I have always been fascinated by the intersection of identity and trust. It became clear after meeting Pat that Proof is where I had to be, a platform that is already best-in-class, with a stellar team and an already incredible roster of customers and partners.”

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