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Hip, hip, hooray 🎉 It's National Notary Public Day! This one's for you, notaries.

We’re Bringing Trust Online

Proof is the trusted identity verification platform for the most important business transactions: yours. Proof locks user identity with transaction data in a secure, enforceable format, providing an indisputable record of each transaction. Proof brings trust online, 24/7.

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Our Leaders

Pat Kinsel headshot

Pat Kinsel

CEO, President and Founder

CEO Pat Kinsel founded Proof after his own experience trying to notarize a document. He is on a mission to bring trust online with notarization that’s simpler...

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Kim Rose

Chief Customer Officer

As Chief Customer Officer, Kim Rose leads all customer facing efforts to deliver exceptional experiences and flawless transactions. This includes...

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Renee Hunter Headshot

Renee Hunter

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

As General Counsel, Renée Hunter helps enable widespread adoption of Proof's products across all 50 states by leading the legal, public affairs...

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Darren Louie

VP, Product

As head of Product, Darren is focused on leading the growth and transformation charge for our product to support our company’s objectives and serve our ever-expanding base of customers and partners...

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Slava Asipenko

Group Engineering Manager

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