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Introducing On-Demand Witness: Available Anytime, Anywhere

Proof’s network of on-demand notaries now have the flexibility to incorporate witnesses into transactions quickly and efficiently, regardless of location, relationship, or availability.
Lauren Furey
April 3, 2024

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In the fast paced world of digital transactions and agreements, ensuring credibility and compliance of sensitive documents is paramount. This often means adding witnesses to notarized documents for an additional layer of review and protection. Yet, more people and processes can become cumbersome and fraught with logistical challenges and delays. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest capability: On-Demand Witness. Proof’s network of on-demand notaries now have the flexibility to incorporate witnesses into transactions quickly and efficiently, regardless of location, relationship, or availability.  

On-Demand Witness is available on documents requiring notarization and witnessing such as:

  • Trusts and wills
  • Real estate closings in Florida
  • Financial POA
  • Advanced healthcare directive

Streamline witness addition and document completion

Proof’s Notarize Network is the world’s largest and fastest panel of online notaries. Now, during a meeting, a notary can summon a witness to join simultaneously with the click of a button. This witness is a trained notary from the Notarize Network. This witness will join, perform their duties, and can leave to help serve additional customers and use cases. The average wait time for a notary in the Notarize Network is less than a second.

This is helpful as signers often discover the need for a witness only during the meeting, leading to a frustrating customer experience. Unfortunately, notaries also could not help the signer, so meetings were terminated for something completely preventable. 

Efficient and effective witnessing

Proof’s On-Demand Witness feature simplifies the process of adding witnesses to transactions and ensures that witness signatures are correctly included. You can specify the need for witness signatures and their locations in a document before sending it to a signer. However, if the need for a witness signature is overlooked during document creation, our platform provides tools to seamlessly add witness signatures during a notary meeting. This ensures a smooth experience for all parties involved and ensures that the document is completed accurately. 

How On-Demand Witness works

All the benefits of On-Demand Witness are now available. Learn more by connecting with your Proof sales representative today! 

  1. Leverage the Notarize Network for all documents, including those with witness requirements. 
  2. Communicate the need for a witness as normal.
  3. When it comes time for the meeting, the notary will be able to “Add a Witness” - determining number, location, and relationship. 
  4. If a remote, on-demand witness is called, they will join the meeting and facilitate completion of the transaction. 
  5. Document is completed as required! 

With the launch of On-Demand Witness, Proof is revolutionizing how witnesses are included for sensitive and complex transactions. By providing an easy-to-use, efficient solution, we’re empowering our users to navigate layered requirements with ease and confidence.

Stay tuned for more on the launch of On-Demand Witness, and be sure to attend our upcoming webinar.  

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