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HelloPrenup and Proof Partner to Digitize Prenuptial Agreements

Proof is proud to partner with HelloPrenup, the premier online prenup platform that allows couples to create valid binding prenup agreements quickly and for a fraction of the cost.
Pat Kinsel
March 6, 2024

Hello Shark Tank Viewers! 

We’re thrilled to have been included in the March 1st episode of everyone’s favorite startup showcase. 

At Proof, we help people digitize life’s most important moments. We bring trust to critical agreements and we’re the creators of Notarize, the world’s largest on-demand notary network. For nine years running, we’ve made it possible for anyone to instantly connect online to get their documents legally notarized. Our notaries are available 24x7 and answer calls in less than one second. We’re thrilled to showcase the incredible convenience and impact of our platform on Shark Tank alongside HelloPrenup.

If you’re an individual with a document you need notarized, you can try it right here

We also offer a platform for businesses to digitize these experiences. With our partner HelloPrenup, we’ve made it possible for people to instantly create and execute a prenuptial agreement online. At Proof, we have a long history helping industries digitize their most important transactions - we completed the country’s first-ever online real estate closing in 2016, the first-ever online will in 2017, and we’re proud to announce the first-ever online prenup with HelloPrenup. 

If you’re a business looking to digitize how your customers execute their agreements, we have award winning tools to help you. Thousands of businesses trust Proof to provide a secure, on-demand signing experience that can be done from anywhere in the world – 24/7. Signers rate the platform 4.9 out of 5 and spend only 6 minutes notarizing forms, instead of hours finding a notary or days mailing documents back to you. Proof eliminates as many as 14 days from your business processes. 

  • You can register right now to get started with our web portal and scale with our no code tools here
  • Or, we can help you to build a fully integrated experience like HelloPrenup by contacting our team.

At Proof, we know that big life changes and events, like adopting a child or buying a house, are joyous, emotional and exhilarating experiences. They also come with paperwork, which is considerably less exhilarating, yet essential for ensuring that these events are official, recognized and trusted. Notaries play an important role in these milestones by bearing witness to official documents, preventing fraud and ensuring that the parties are who they say they are, and that they are entering freely into the agreements.

Marriage is, of course, one of the biggest of those life events. Here at Proof, we are proud to partner with HelloPrenup, the premier online prenup platform that allows couples to create valid binding prenup agreements quickly and for a fraction of the cost of obtaining a traditional prenup from a lawyer. HelloPrenup helps fiancés navigate the world of prenups through tools and resources that are specific to each state and allow couples to determine the right division of assets and property in the event of a divorce. 

We’ve partnered with HelloPrenup to digitize the final piece of creating a prenuptial agreement: the notarization. HelloPrenup customers can now notarize their documents online, without leaving their home to meet a notary in-person. 

Since the launch of our partnership, Proof has streamlined operations for HelloPrenup and reduced their cost of doing business. By incorporating Proof’s online notarization into its prenup platform via an API integration, HelloPrenup: 

  • Increased their customer conversion rate by 35%
  • Reduced their turn time to complete a prenuptial agreement from days to minutes
  • Increased customer satisfaction score from 4.9 to 5.

Our integration went live in less than two weeks, allowing HelloPrenup and its customers to enjoy immediate benefits. With the Proof platform, customers can go from design to deployment in days, not months.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Proof. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for HelloPrenup as we continue to innovate and provide our users with the best tools and resources to navigate prenuptial agreements. Proof's expertise in identity verification aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify and modernize the prenup process, ensuring that our users have a secure and efficient experience,” said Julia Rodgers, HelloPrenups’s CEO & co-founder. 

Proof helps make the stressful part of important life events a little less stressful. We love working with partners like HelloPrenup, when we know we are making a meaningful difference in people’s lives at a time when they need it the most.

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