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Proof Expands On-Demand Notarize Network to Include Pennsylvania Notaries

Today, we proudly announce that Pennsylvania’s notaries may now join the Notarize Network.
Gayle Weiswasser
May 9, 2024

Today, we proudly announce that Pennsylvania’s notaries may now join the Notarize Network. Now, Pennsylvania notaries have the opportunity to earn income by providing notarial services digitally on the Proof platform to signers who need a notary on-demand. Pennsylvania joins Florida, Nevada, Texas and Virginia in having access to join the Notarize Network. The addition of Pennsylvania supports the growing need for online notarization, and is the first time the Notarize Network has expanded to include a new state since its launch in 2020.

Through the Notarize Network - the largest network of online notaries - Pennsylvania’s notaries may now be tapped on-demand to complete notarizations remotely. This network provides flexibility to Pennsylvania’s notaries, who can work on their own schedule, 24 hours a day, choosing when they want to be available for online notarizations. The Notarize Network makes online notarization an ideal opportunity for notaries looking to supplement their income in a flexible, convenient way. Members of the Notarize Network are required to be certified Notary Signing Agents by the National Notary Association.

Pennsylvania’s notaries already had access to Proof’s notarization platform through its in-house notary capability for enterprises and notary-sourced transactions. Now, Pennsylvania notaries will join the other states in Proof’s on-demand network in fighting the battle against fraud by ensuring that online transactions are secure and that signers are who they say they are. 

“Notaries are the ultimate pillars of trust and integrity in today’s economy,” said Nicole Clark, Senior Director of Notary Operations at Proof. “Proof’s extensive Notarize Network has reimagined the role of the notary, and expanding it to include Pennsylvania's large army of notaries allows them to serve as agents of trust online for transactions occurring in the state.”

Proof (formerly known as Notarize), has been providing online notarization for nine years and has raised over $200M in funding. It has amassed the world’s largest network of notaries, who have collectively completed millions of transactions. Notaries on the Proof platform answer calls in less than a second, which has turned the promise of convenient, real-time online notarization into a reality. 

“I have already completed many transactions through Proof, and becoming part of the Notarize Network allows me additional flexibility and freedom to do notarizations when and where I want,” said Kimberly Murray, a Pennsylvania notary who recently joined the Notarize Network. “This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to boost their income by providing needed services that ensure that people’s transactions proceed securely and painlessly.”

If you're a Pennsylvania notary and would like to work for the Notarize Network, you can sign up here.

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