Hip, hip, hooray 🎉 It's National Notary Public Day! This one's for you, notaries.

We just launched Defend, Proof's AI-powered identity fraud detection. Read on here.

The Proof Engine® creates confidence in every signature

Every transaction needs trust in its execution. The Proof Engine® is an intelligent platform that streamlines operations and makes informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of your requirements.

Delegate your compliance

Many business have intricate rules that make an agreement legally enforceable.  While compliance is complicated, we believe it should be simplified for you.

Remote online notarization state laws

The platform understands how to perform a notarial act and enforces hundreds of notarial requirements for each state. For example, individualized in-meeting toolbars, state-specific checklists, and automated templates for notarial certificates are relied on to ensure notaries complete notarial acts with the information required by their state.

Industry standards

With Proof, you can customize identity verification to support your use cases. Additionally, for online real estate closings, Proof gathers the property address, along with the underwriter, and generates a recommendation on whether or not it can be closed online giving you the confidence that it will be recordable and that the underwriter will issue a title policy.

Company policies

The platform will automatically recognize your documents and enforce your individual company policies. For example, you can customize your document templates to require additional identity assurance such as a secondary form of ID, require witnesses, or route your transactions to specific notaries.

“Proof provides a vital, much-needed service in the market, and NAR is proud to continue this collaboration to create a new standard of trust across the real estate industry. From closings to purchase agreements and wire authorizations, the entire home buying journey is more secure with Proof.”
National Association of Realtors

A platform that understands the logic required to execute your documents accurately

Proof is an intelligent platform, that helps automate execution of your documents to ensure they are valid and enforceable.

Simplify business operations

With the Proof Engine®, you can digitize your operations without taking on additional complexity of understanding and managing the compliance of online notarization.

Meet compliance standards with ease

Our intelligent platform gives notaries the tools needed to perform a notarial act in every state we support. Notaries can be onboarded within days and you’ll have confidence they’ll complete online notarizations accurately.

Take the guesswork out of online closing eligibility in real estate

Our platform considers the property address, state laws, county recording rules and underwriting policies to make recommendations on how to execute the closing so that it can be legally accepted by all parties.

Illustration of digital transactions

Digital transactions pioneers

We pioneered new ways to transact digitally. The first online notarization and the first home to close 100% virtually (not in person) was on our platform.

Representation of responsive compliance rules

We wrote the rules

Proof raises the bar with responsive compliance rules programmed by the people who wrote the rule book. Automated workflows flex to address potential risks and provide documentation that stands up to legal, regulatory and corporate scrutiny.

Enterprise grade reliability for security and more

Enterprise grade reliability

The largest enterprises insuring your home, managing your retirement, and caring for your financial well being run on Proof. We have the security, accessibility, and reliability industries demand to secure their business with Proof.

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Why does your business need the Proof Engine®?

We’re on a mission to secure all critical commerce in our economy, because digital transactions are truly more secure than pen and paper.

Reduction in document errors

Our platform decreases document errors by 79% compared to in-person notarization.

Lower costs

It reduces costs associated with the manual labor required to re-execute agreements with document errors.

Confidence in fraud reduction

You need certainty that you can trust the person signing and that the transaction was legally executed.

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Proof certifications, approvals, and standards

Proof adheres to strict security standards and regulations validated by thorough third-party assessments. We remain committed to the protection of customer data and accessibility.

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