To enforce your rights or be ready to defend against potential disputes, timestamp a document digest and optionally store a no modifiable copy of what you would like to turn into a PROOF:

PROOF timestamping is anonymous, private and FREE!
We'll send you at no charge a certificate attesting "this" was submitted at "that" date. If you feel is not enough, for a small fee we can also have your proof timestamped by a decentralized trust authority (the bitcoin blockchain). Plus, we'll optionally store a non modifiable copy of your document for the time you want, see our rates.

Can evidences be used in court?
Most disputes are resolved amicably, and using a trusted third party like is sufficient to help you. But if things get worse and you go to court then the proof you submitted could be used as demonstrative evidence in your defense.
Jessica Priston
"Thanks to I was able to prove they did not deliver the advertised product and I was refunded."
Dan Wheelan
"Everytime I create a new logo I submit it to to be able to prove later I was the original designer."
David Cohen
"With friends we often organize small bets, it's now so easy to manage them with, no more disputes."