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Product Highlight: Fraud and Forgery Prevention

Mitigate the risk of fraud and forgery in every transaction with Proof.
Darren Louie
December 19, 2023

It shouldn’t be easy for someone to forge your signature. That has been the double edge sword of electronic signatures. 

When you use your credit card today, you’re protected. Arguably the use of your signature carries even higher risk; you could lose your home or your life savings. We believe that every time you sign on the dotted line, your signature and identity should be protected as well. That is why Proof is the first platform that protects signatures from being forged. 

For everything you sign, whether a document requires a basic signature or a notarization, Proof monitors the risk for fraud in every transaction.

When a signature looks suspicious the transaction is flagged for review. Notaries will have additional data about each identity when they’re meeting with your customers face to face. For example, the data alerts them if the ID document looks fake, like an electronic replica. And when there’s a problem, notaries can step up the verification to perform additional validation on the fly. We introduced the ability to prompt for a biometric in the meeting, and we will continue to deliver new step up capabilities in the future.

Coming soon with Proof, businesses will have fraud signals and enriched identity data on every transaction. A fraud dashboard will show all the transactions that have been flagged and needs the businesses’ attention. A business will also have the ability to modify the policies for when certain risks should trigger additional verification. 

As the platform accrues more transactions, it only gets smarter. Chances are we may have verified this person before, so we know where and when they typically sign. If this behavior does not look normal, then Proof can block it. We will know your customer even before they sign up for your business. This is how forgery is prevented in the digital world and where we’re going with Proof. 

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