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Product Highlight: Enhanced Signer Identification

Each Proof transaction comes with auditable identification and cryptographic evidence of your signer’s identity.
Darren Louie
December 19, 2023

It’s not enough to put an image of a signature onto a page. Businesses need to know who actually signed and if this was really their signature. 

All transactions need to be backed by auditable identification and cryptographic evidence. Enhanced Signer Identification is available across the entire platform for every transaction including notarizations. 

This additional evidence provides an audit log about the identity, not just the transaction. It will include evidence of the signer’s identity verification history, their location, IP address and other meaningful data associated with this person.

As the platform matures, this evidence will get stronger. We’re constantly evaluating additional data sources that would be critical as additional evidence. Things like device fingerprint, public records check, etc. are all things that are coming soon to Enhanced Signer Identification. 

That auditable identification is then fused to the document via heavily guarded cryptographic keys. This creates a cryptographic digital signature on every document which can’t be forged or tampered with. Now you know who signed the document not just by looking at what’s printed on the face of the document, but by looking at the unique set of bytes. Your identity could be cryptographically bound to any medium in the future: a web form, user generated content, or even just a transmission of data. The same application of PKI (public key infrastructure) is how computers trust each other on the internet. We’re taking that same concept to make it possible for humans to trust each other online. 

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