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Signer Scroll: The newest feature bringing ease to every meeting

Our newest features make it easier — and more efficient — than ever for your customers to sign and complete their documents.
Melissa Norton
December 19, 2023

We’re excited to announce a few new features that will help your customers sign and complete their documents. Signer scroll guides your signer to the next spot in the document that needs to be completed, whether that's information they need to enter or a place to sign. We’ve also made it easier for customers to upload documents in-meeting, ensuring that a notarial session is not disrupted if a document is missing. 

Seamless Signatures: Navigate with Ease with Our New Signer Scroll Feature!

At Proof, we are making it easier to complete eSign transactions. Our signer scroll feature includes intuitive flags that guide signers seamlessly to the next field, ensuring the signer doesn’t miss a spot in the document. 

Signer scroll not only streamlines the experience, it also reduces errors by ensuring the customer signs everywhere that is needed. This is a feature that many customers will appreciate especially on long documents where signatures are needed on multiple pages. 

Learn more about the signer scroll feature here.

Supplemental Document Upload In-Meeting

Previously exclusive to our mobile app, we have expanded our support for document uploads during meetings. Signers now have the ability to upload additional documents during the meeting, either by selecting a document from their device or by scanning it with their camera.

We have resolved the frustration associated with the necessity of canceling a meeting just because a crucial document was missing. Notaries can now request signers upload additional documents, allowing meetings to continue and saving everyone the time and hassle of canceling the meeting to re-prepare documents. This feature will be particularly valuable in real estate or scenarios where signers need to provide additional documentation.

Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or support@proof.com to activate this feature for your organization or click here to learn more.

Optimizing California Real Estate Transactions

We've added more smarts to our platform to reduce the risk of a real estate transaction being rejected in California. 

In a notary meeting, the platform can now detect if a notary is trying to edit a pre-printed statement with “X”s. When this is detected, the meeting will prompt notaries and indicate that adding a loose leaf instead of editing a pre-printed notarial statement may reduce rejections. This logic will only apply on the real estate platform when the property address is in California. This enhancement aims to streamline the notarization process and reduce the likelihood that county recording offices reject documents.

A New Standard for Online Notarizations: Proof Digital Certificates for Notaries

Coming soon, all notarizations performed on the Proof platform will feature a digital signature using a certifiably more secure digital certificate than any other platform. You will be able to easily differentiate between basic and elevated security when viewed in Adobe Reader. Documents notarized with a Proof Certificate will be accompanied by a visible green checkmark, reducing the chance of rejection where some businesses and government agencies seek assurance that the notarization signature remains untampered with, and the entire process is auditable.

Starting in December, we will begin testing our new certificate with select notaries. Businesses should not experience any disruptions during this period. 

We are excited to announce more details about this new program in January, outlining how every notary can obtain a Proof Digital Certificate through our platform.

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