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Product Teaser: Proof Certificates

Proof Certificates for notaries are coming soon.
Darren Louie
April 18, 2024

This news is so good, we couldn’t wait to share. So, we’re showing our cards — a sneak preview, if you will — in honor of National Notary Public Day.

Proof Certificates for notaries are coming soon

We are excited to announce that we will soon be providing digital certificates for notaries on our platform. These certificates — available exclusively through the Proof platform — are the new platinum standard for elevated security when notaries apply their digital seal to the document, and we’ve got the credentials to prove it. Proof Certificates have been fully audited against WebTrust standards and are now included on the Adobe Authorized Trust List (AATL).

What does this mean for notaries?

When you complete a notarization, documents will be sealed with your Proof digital certificate. This means your notary signature has been protected with the highest level of security, preventing someone from taking your certificate and forging your notary seal on other digital documents. When you notarize with your Proof digital certificate, your signature will be distinguished with a visible green checkmark in Adobe Acrobat Reader which indicates that this signature has been applied with a higher level of security than any other notary platform.

In Real Estate, the certificate meets — and actually, exceeds — state laws and underwriting requirements. So, a digital closing completed through Proof and signed by a notary who has a Proof Certificate won’t just be accepted, it’ll be preferred.

Your digital certificate is just like your physical notary stamp. We know that notaries safeguard their stamp to prevent someone from forging a notarization, and we believe the same care should be given to the digital version of your stamp as well. A digital certificate issued and managed by Proof has been audited to meet strict WebTrust standards and that is what gives it this distinguishing trust mark in Adobe Acrobat Reader. We believe this upholds the integrity of a notarization and will continue to ensure a remote online notarization is even more traceable and secure than a paper-based notarization.

What we’re offering to notaries

We’re dedicated to making our platform accessible — and affordable — for the notaries who make it possible for us to continue doing our best and most ground-breaking work. The team is hard at work behind the scenes finalizing all of the details, and will be sharing more with you — especially as it pertains to the availability of the certificates — very soon.

Getting started

If you’re interested in getting started on the Proof platform and becoming a founding Proof Certificate holder, join the waitlist or subscribe to updates here.

Today — and every day — we’re grateful to have you on board as partners of Proof and pioneers for the continued innovation of our product.


Q: Will I still need an IdenTrust™ certificate for the Proof platform?

A: Once you have a Proof digital certificate, you will not need to procure any additional certificates (e.g. IdenTrust) to use the platform. However, the certificate requirements of other platforms may vary.

Q: Am I able to legally retain BOTH my Proof Certificate and my IdenTrust certificate for other platforms?

A: States do not prohibit notaries from having multiple certificates. However, there are a few states that require you to register your certificate with the secretary of state. Please refer to notarize.com/notary for additional guidance within your state.

Q: My current certificate is about to expire, should I refrain from renewing?

A: Decisions pertaining to certificate management — including renewals — are at the notary’s discretion.

Q: Can I still use my IdenTrust certificate right now?

A: If you’re currently registered and active as a notary with an IdenTrust certificate, you will not need to do anything. You may continue to use the IdenTrust certificate that you have already registered with our platform. 

Q: Will having a Proof Certificate impact my ability to accept calls on the Proof platform?

A: No, this update will not impact your ability to accept calls on the Proof platform.

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