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Technical Updates Required to Support Notarize’s Transition to Proof

Everything IT teams and Developers need to know to prepare for Notarize's transition to Proof on September 14.
Slava Asipenko
December 19, 2023

Notarize will undergo a number of critical changes as it rebrands to its new company: Proof. Here is what active Notarize customers, partners, and users need to know about upcoming technical changes to prepare for this transition.

  • Notarize’s web applications will move to proof.com. We will use URL redirects to keep existing bookmarks and login credentials working.
  • We will maintain the existing API endpoint (api.notarize.com) indefinitely. We will introduce a new endpoint (api.proof.com) and recommend it for future integrations.
  • Our email “From” and “Reply-to” addresses will come from @proof.com. 
  • Notarize’s Single Sign On (SSO) configurations will not have to change. A new Proof metadata will be available here.
  • We will run notarize.com and proof.com side-by-side for a sufficient grace period to help with the transition.

Web Application Changes

Starting September 14, all Notarize web applications at notarize.com will redirect to proof.com. Users will be able to continue using their current login credentials, and we will stand up redirects to connect Notarize URLs to their new home on Proof.

Production Redirects

  • app.notarize.com/* → app.proof.com/*
  • business.notarize.com/* → business.proof.com/*
  • capture.notarize.com/* → capture.proof.com/*
  • notary.notarize.com/* → notary.proof.com/*
  • lender.notarize.com/* → lender.proof.com/*
  • title.notarize.com/* → title.proof.com/*
  • verify.notarize.com/* → verify.proof.com/*

Fairfax Redirects

Fairfax is a standalone, production mirror environment, used by Notarize customers and partners for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and integration testing.

  • app.fairfax.notarize.com/* → app.fairfax.proof.com/*
  • business.fairfax.notarize.com/* → business.fairfax.proof.com/*
  • capture.fairfax.notarize.com/* → capture.fairfax.proof.com/*
  • notary.fairfax.notarize.com/* → notary.fairfax.proof.com/*
  • lender.fairfax.notarize.com/* → lender.fairfax.proof.com/*
  • title.fairfax.notarize.com/* → title.fairfax.proof.com/*
  • verify.fairfax.notarize.com/* → verify.fairfax.proof.com/*

Side-by-Side Configuration

Starting September 14, Notarize will run new proof.com-based web applications side-by-side with its current portals – both in our live production environment and Fairfax test environment – before implementing URL redirects.

API Changes

Notarize will maintain its existing api.notarize.com endpoint indefinitely to support existing integrations. A new endpoint will be introduced at api.proof.com and will be recommended for new integrations.

Both endpoints will allow use of the same API keys. Additional developer documentation about these API changes can be found at dev.notarize.com

Email Changes

Emails sent by Notarize will update to reflect the Proof rebranding. Additionally, “From” and “Reply-to” will come from proof.com. For example: jenny@proof.com and noreply@proof.com.

Notarize uses dedicated IP addresses with its email providers to ensure high rates of email delivery. Notarize will introduce three new dedicated IP addresses for Proof email delivery.


The full list of email sending IP’s is available here. Additionally, Notarize will be enforcing DMARC on its proof.com based emails.

Additional Recommendations for Readiness

In addition to the above recommendations, Notarize encourages the following steps to support a seamless transition:

Update corporate firewalls and proxy allow lists to include new *.proof.com URLs.

  • Update corporate email spam filters to recognize “From” and “Reply-to” emails from Proof.
  • If your organization filters emails based on content, we encourage pre-test delivery of new Proof branded emails in our Fairfax environment
  • If your organization filters emails based on the sending IP, update with the new IP addresses listed above.
  • We encourage using the side-by-side platforms to pre-test new Proof URLs. 

If transition help is needed, please contact support@notarize.com.

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