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What is a Proof transaction?

Learn about the Proof transaction type and the additional identity assurance features it can bring to your eSign workflows.
Andrew MacDougall
December 19, 2023

Modern eSign solutions lack the security and transparency required for today’s business environment. eSign does little more than tell you that someone could access the email account that you sent the document to. It has no way of verifying that the document was completed by the person you requested a signature from.

In an increasingly digital world, where more and more business is done online instead of in person, that identity gap is ripe for fraud.

How do we fix it? We give you Proof.

Automated “Proof” of Identity

With the launch of the Proof platform, we are introducing a new way to transact. Proof transactions offer NIST IAL2-level identification, pairing identity with digital signatures to create trusted records. A Proof is a smart transaction executed according to whatever regulations or business policies apply.

Proof transactions can add identity verification to your everyday eSign with SMS authentication, credential analysis, and a biometric selfie. The Proof platform uses this information and leverages third-party databases to validate multiple points of signer information, including address, phone number, and matching the selfie to the chosen form of ID. 

With Proof transactions, a signer can only access the document and its contents if the biometric selfie can be positively matched to the government-issued ID. This safeguards the document and its contents until the intended signer’s identity can be verified.

Human intervention, when needed

Humans must be at the center of trust, not technology. To complement a digital identity process, human support is important to help verify an identity when automated methods fail. This has been the biggest challenge with any digital identity process. Cases that manual review start piling up, wait times increase, and business fall behind the backlog. 

Proof is the only platform backed by human identity verification support. With Proof when the signer’s identity cannot be verified, we will connect the signer with a trusted referee who will manually review the signer’s information and confirm their identity. 

Trusted referees will come from the Notarize Network and receive additional training to support your signers as identity agents. The trusted referee will engage with the signer and review the documentation provided in order to confirm or deny signer identity.

As we scale the Proof platform, notaries will see new opportunities to support transactions outside of the notarization space, and businesses will experience the same speed and compliance that made Notarize the market leader in online notarization.

Elevated tools to prevent forgery

When signers need human support, we’ll provide the trusted referee with the information provided by the signer and insight into why they failed the automated identity verification process. These fraud signals will help the agent operate with greater confidence when confirming identity.

Fraud signals are triggered by a number of inconsistencies, including irregularities on the ID, discrepancies between the ID and the biometric selfie, or the detection of an electronic ID replica, which hints at the ID potentially being altered or not in the signer’s possession. 

Much like an online notary meeting, we give the trusted referees the tools and the training to properly vet the signers and the information provided. Only when the trusted referee is able to verify the signer’s identity will the signer have access to the document and its contents.

After the document is signed, we return the documents and its metadata to your Proof account. This includes notification of any flags raised during the trusted referee session. This allows your business to vet concerns raised by the platform or trusted referee before continuing with the transaction.

What can I do with a Proof transaction?

With Proof transactions, you can add identity verification to your existing eSign workflows for robust security and identity assurance.

Here are some examples of how Proof transactions expand business opportunities in some of our most popular industries:

  • Open virtual mailboxes: Over the last few years, we’ve seen a spike in PS-1583 forms, which individuals complete to open a virtual mailbox. However, there is a separate affidavit that must be completed to IAL2 standards for a virtual mail company and its partners to pick up and deliver your packages. With Proof, you have a one-stop shop for digital solutions to support your remote business or lifestyle.
  • Buy and sell cars online: Depending on the state, online auto retailers must either complete an online notarization or an IAL2 eSignature process when submitting documents to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. With Proof, you have a single platform that supports the purchase and sale of cars across the country.
  • Submit digital prescriptions: The Drug Enforcement Administration requires care providers to complete IAL2-level identity verification when electronically prescribing controlled substances. If a provider fails the digital process with Proof, they will instantly connect with a member of the Notarize Network for identity verification. This human intervention means providers can be properly identified sooner, which means patients can more immediately receive the care they need.
  • Complete wire transfers: The most pervasive form of fraud in real estate is wire fraud, where bad actors change the final destination for funds at the last minute. You can safeguard these high-value transfers with Proof, revealing the wire information or completing wire transfer only after participants verify their identity.

The Proof platform can streamline operations for your team and simplify the experience for your customers by merging your signature solutions into a single platform.

Ready for Proof? Contact our Sales team today!

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