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Our Transaction Creation Experience is Getting an Upgrade

Today, we're introducing a refreshed, scalable, and accessible transaction sending experience.
Anna Scionti
March 25, 2024

It’s that time of year again, and no I don’t mean tax season. Spring is just around the corner, and at Proof we’re embracing this spring cleaning season to introduce a new look and feel to our product. 

New product offerings are just on the horizon, but not without first introducing a refreshed, scalable, and accessible transaction sending experience. In 2024, Proof is committed to enhancing our product to meet the standards set by enterprise-grade software. The platform encompasses the processes for sending eSignatures, notarizations, and our recently added identity verified Proof transactions. In our efforts, we’ve implemented usability improvements to enhance your transaction creation experience. This new design will allow us to support the signing features already available in our API and so much more to come.

With our latest product release:

  1. All forms are now labeled as either “Notarization”, “eSign”, or “Proof” based on the type of signing you’ll be sending on the Proof platform.
  2. We’ve added three new optional fields to our eSign and Proof transactions to help consistently track all signature types on the Proof platform. These new fields include Transaction name, Transaction type, and External ID. 
  3. You can now choose whether signers need secondary IDs in the top 'Transaction details' section on the notarization form, a feature that was previously located in the 'Signing details' section.

What do I need to do?

Familiarize yourself with the new design before this transition becomes permanent this summer. Upon logging into Proof, you will encounter the new design when creating Notarizations, eSignatures, and Proofs, with the option to switch back to the previous design. Feel free to share feedback on your experience, as our team is continually striving to enhance the Proof experience for our customers!


What’s next?

You’ll soon see new product offerings that will make document signing more customizable on Proof, which will only be available in the new form design. Sign product offerings (some of which are already available via our API) to come include:

  • Signing Order to set parallel and sequential routing order for signers
  • Mixed Signing to mix notarization, eSignatures, and identity verification in a single transaction
  • Signing Groups to provide the ability to use a shared email address so anyone with access to this gets a notification to sign on behalf of that group
  • CC Recipients to help to keep individuals informed of the signing process

Look out for these updates in our release notes. Beyond document signing, the future of Proof will support new workflows, such as Identify, Secure share, Collect, Authorize...the possibilities are endless! Our new Sign architecture kickstarts all of these product offerings to come, supporting both the flexibility and customization we and our customers value at Proof.

These changes will be available to Proof for Business customers beginning in April. Proof for Title and Proof for Lender will see these changes summer of 2024. 

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