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Proof: Our Brand Story

Learn all about our brand identity and how it will shape the future of our product.
Lauren Hintz
December 19, 2023

When we announced the launch of the new Proof℠ platform in June, we shared our vision for bringing trust to all digital transactions. With Proof, we’re securing all transactions with audited identity verification, fraud prevention, and digital signatures that are harder to forge. 

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve fully incorporated the Proof brand across the platform. Proof is now the single platform for all important documents that require you to notarize, sign, approve, or verify with your identity.

This article provides a deeper look into our brand’s story and how some of the changes you will see in our product today will shape the future of our product.

Our purpose and brand story

Now more than ever, critical agreements are moving online. What previously required going into an office can now be done digitally, making things a lot more convenient. But it also exposes us to a lot more risk than we know. 

Fraud is rampant. The institutions and processes society relies on (like banks, governments, signatures, etc.) are vulnerable and mired in the complexity of policies and regulations. The missing piece is a system of identity that’s truly built for the digital age – one that doesn’t just prove who you are, but what you’ve done. We are continuing to fight fraud to create trust in every transaction!

With our purpose in mind, this concept of identity is core to the Proof brand. Our brand story embodies the very essence of what makes us individuals. It’s about the network of elements and interactions that make us who we are. 

We were most inspired by the concept of DNA sequencing. It not only ties into the identity component of what our company does, but it’s a visually interesting graphical representation of a person’s identity. DNA also communicates that all people have a common thread that connects us. 

At its core, DNA is what makes us all human, but it’s also what makes each one of us unique. Our individual elements connect to the larger human network, and this concept is similar to what we’re building at Proof: a vast network of verified individuals, where agreements can be securely exchanged and commerce can be facilitated.

The visual of a DNA assay inspired design elements for Proof’s brand.

If you look closely, you will see this metaphor in all the parts of Proof. You will see simplified DNA blocks as a visual device throughout our brand. 

Lock in trust

Another core part of our platform is the binding of identity to a person’s actions. Your identity on its own only proves it was you, but your cryptographic seal forever binds your identity to whatever you sign, approve, or agree to. Your digital identity is forever locked to the transaction. It’s secure, and can't be tampered with. This is why we incorporated the concept of a lock to our brand. 

To bring a deeper meaning to our visual elements, we created the DNA lock which combines the visual concept of a lock with DNA sequencing blocks. It is reminiscent of a dial lock found on safes and vaults which helps this graphic communicate safety and trust.

The DNA lock also goes further in meaning and links to biometrics found in identification documents. This is done through its construction using concentric circles giving the DNA lock an eye-like appearance. 

Our colors represent trust and safety

Our brand palette is centered around Proof Green. Inspired by its use to signify success, trust, and progression, we use this as our primary color.

We were inspired by road signs, which everyone knows and trusts. Road signs are accurate. They’re clear. They’re easy to understand. They tell you when it's safe to proceed. They’re trusted. That’s what we want Proof to be.

Our logo

Our logo distills these two concepts down to its simplicity and accessibility. The symbol communicates safety and trust by using positive and negative space that can interlock. The resulting graphic also resembles an eye, linking to the biometric elements of identification.

Our wordmark brings together the Proof and Notarizeâ„  brand into a seamless typographic structure with identical fonts and logo scale. We have also disconnected part of the letter P to resemble a lock alongside the logo.

Our aim is to create a new standard of design within our space to represent the new standard within our vision.

Proof and Notarize

Proof is our platform that enables frictionless assurance for any digital transaction among institutions and individuals through our intelligent digital identity platform. Businesses will continue to run on Proof for everything they need a customer to notarize, sign, or agree to. 

Notarize will continue to be the product on Proof for when you need a notarization. It is also the largest network of online notaries that are available on-demand 24x7.

We are setting a new standard for safe transactions, where anything less than Proof can’t be trusted. 

Product changes you’ll see today

Today, our in-product experience will change to reflect our new brand and design thinking. For example, you’ll see green to communicate that something has been verified and trusted. While the visual elements of the product have changed, product functionality does not change and you can expect no disruption to in-flight transactions.

Additionally, when you log in to the Proof platform today, you’ll notice these updates:

  • The platform now features the Proof brand
  • URL redirects to app.proof.com and support.proof.com
  • Product emails will begin sending from the @proof.com domain
  • A new API at api.proof.com endpoint, with continued support for api.notarize.com
  • No change to core product functionality or in-flight transactions

If you have issues viewing any Help Center links on support.proof.com, please clear your cache.

Though our company name is Proof, nothing about how you pay will change.

  • You should still send checks to Notarize, Inc.
  • You should still list Notarize on checks or payment (ACH, Wire)
  • You will still get invoices from Notarize
  • Signers who must pay to access their transactions will still be charged by Notarize.

For any questions or concerns about payments, please contact finance@notarize.com. 

Notarize will remain in our family of brands. Powered by Proof, the Notarize service and Notarize Network will continue to operate as it does today. Now, when users start a notarization from Notarize.com, they will create a Proof account. So, we want the brands to resemble one another. Today, you’ll notice a new look and feel for Notarize.com, too.

graphic of envelop on a square

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