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Trust Center

The most reliable 
network of trusted agents

The Notarize Network is always available and always online thanks to a dedicated operations team that monitors the reliability and performance 24/7.

notarizing a document online

The world’s most sophisticated notary operations

Illustration of digital transactions

Digital transactions pioneers

We pioneered new ways to transact digitally. The first online notarization and the first home to close 100% virtually (not in person) was on our platform.

Representation of responsive compliance rules

We wrote the rules

Proof raises the bar with responsive compliance rules programmed by the people who wrote the rule book. Automated workflows flex to address potential risks and provide documentation that stands up to legal, regulatory and corporate scrutiny.

Enterprise grade reliability for security and more

Enterprise grade reliability

The largest enterprises insuring your home, managing your retirement, and caring for your financial well being run on Proof. We have the security, accessibility, and reliability industries demand to secure their business with Proof.

We’re managing the network so you don’t have to

Our platform keeps notaries performing at their peak and maintains compliance, so you can focus on your business.

Built for scale and reliability at a premium customer experience

online notarization process

You can trust the Notarize Network

In order to be accepted into the Notarize Network, notaries must meet stringent compliance requirements. Every notary on the network is required to complete a background check and a training with the National Notary Association (NNA).

Performing every responsibility with a higher standard of care

Notaries on the Notarize Network maintain a high bar when it comes to professionalism and customer experience. The average notary receives a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

online notarization process
online notarization process

The network scales with your business, all on demand

With thousands of notaries available, our real-time operations allows us to tune the performance of the network. All calls are answered in less than a second no matter how big or small your business is.

The next generation of customer experience

The Notarize Network can be fine tuned according to your business requirements, and notaries can be curated based on their proficiency for your use case. We offer premium notary panels which improves customer engagement, reduces errors and produces higher ROI for your business.

online notarization process

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