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Thank you for your interest in the Notarize for Salesforce app! This app allows customers to access Notarize features all within the Salesforce platform. This includes initiating a transaction, tracking status, sending reminders, and reviewing the notarized document. By removing the need to switch between platforms to complete online notarizations, customers will experience easier lead tracking, lower attrition rates, and faster deal closures. This integration is the first online notarization solution on the SFDC AppExchange.

Note: You will need to have an existing Salesforce license in the Sales or Services clouds and be operating within the Lightning experience to use this app. You will also need an active Notarize Business account.

If you’re new to Notarize, fill out this form and we will contact you to set up a new Notarize account first! To learn more about the Notarize Salesforce partnership, click here.

If you already have a Notarize Business account, you can download the Notarize for Salesforce app directly through our Salesforce AppExchange listing. For a full click through experience of the Notarize for Salesforce app, check out our Tourial demo (learn how to create a transaction, see what the signer's experience looks like and review a completed transaction within the app)!

If you have any questions about the installation and configuration or how to use the app, we have some handy resource guides and videos for you to reference!

User Materials

Last updated September 2023

How to download, install, and configure the Notarize for Salesforce app

Last updated September 2023

How to initiate a transaction, send follow up reminders, and view the record within the Notarize for Salesforce app

Last updated September 2023

An overview of the document generation solutions on Salesforce

Watch how to install

Contact us With Questions or Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback along the way, feel free to reach out to salesforce@notarize.com!