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Lock in trust with identity verification for every customer

Lock in trust with identity verification for every customer

How it works

See what your customers will experience when completing an identity-assured eSignature.

1. Request identity verification and eSignature from your customer

Email a document from the Proof platform by triggering a request through the API or creating manually through the UI to start the identity verification process.

2. Your customer receives an SMS or email to initiate the verification process

They will use either mobile web or their desktop to complete their verification - whatever is most convenient for them.

3. Your customer verifies their identity

Businesses can customize the level of verification for each transaction. Your customer will answer a few challenge questions based on the personal information provided (knowledge-based authentication), take photos of their ID (credential analysis), and we'll confirm their identity in seconds. You could also choose to verify a customer to the IAL2 standard, which is a higher level of identity verification.

4. Your customer verifies their presence

Your customer will take a selfie to verify that they are present. This step detects if a signer is holding up an ‘electronic replica’ of a photo during this automated check. The platform also verifies that the selfie matches the government-issued ID.

5. If necessary, your customer connects with a trusted referee on a video call

If the Proof platform uncovers any identity inconsistencies or your signer does not have adequate identification, we’ll step up the verification process to a trusted referee. Trusted referees are notaries who are trained in fraud detection. They’re available 24/7.

6. Your customer eSigns the document

The signer creates their electronic signature and eSigns the document.

7. Access and download completed document

You and your customer will have immediate access to the completed documents. You both can return to the Proof platform at any time to access past documents and upload new ones.

Proof of identity use cases

Real Estate

More than $185B worth of real estate closings have been secured by Proof
  • Seller identity verification
  • Identity verification for ad hoc document recording requests
  • Confirmation of ACH wire instructions


With Proof, the auto industry is digitizing legacy workflows
  • IAL2 eSign (e.g. odometer disclosure statement)
  • Seller identity verification
  • Buyer identity verification

Financial Services

Proof makes online identity verification simpler, faster, and safer to secure your customer’s most valuable transactions
  • IAL2 eSign (e.g. SBA loans)
  • Wire transfer authorizations
  • Beneficiary changes
  • Account recovery
  • Changes of account information
  • Loan applications
  • Customer onboarding
4.7 / 5

Consumer satisfaction rating of the Proof platform, based on 20,000+ reviews

7K businesses

Reduction in document errors when using online notarization, compared to in-person


Reduction in printing costs when using Proof

Get identity evidence on every transaction

With IAL2, you get evidence in every signature

IAL2 is quickly becoming the standard for securing someone’s identity. Especially when it comes to document signing, a basic eSign just isn’t enough.

On-demand trusted referees available to help your signers verify their identity

If at any point during the verification process, the Proof platform uncovers any inconsistencies, or your signer does not have adequate identification, we will step up the verification process to a trained trusted referee.

Enhanced signer identification information at your finger tips

Proof captures each identity verification attempt by every individual on a given transaction. You get access to an identity tab with credential information, fraud signals, and transactional details.

The ROI of identity-assured transactions

Customize identity proofing checks to the assurance level you need

With Proof, you can build custom identity verification processes to support all your business’ use cases.

Reduce fraud

Proof’s identity proofing tools in remote online notarization complete 25+ verification checks in less than five seconds. Have confidence that your signer is who they say they are.

Meet the IAL2 identity proofing standard

Proof is the first company approved by the Kantara Initiative, that connects an electronic signature to an IAL2 identity all on one platform.

Illustration of digital transactions

Digital transactions pioneers

We pioneered new ways to transact digitally. The first online notarization and the first home to close 100% virtually (not in person) was on our platform.

Representation of responsive compliance rules

We wrote the rules

Proof raises the bar with responsive compliance rules programmed by the people who wrote the rule book. Automated workflows flex to address potential risks and provide documentation that stands up to legal, regulatory and corporate scrutiny.

Enterprise grade reliability for security and more

Enterprise grade reliability

The largest enterprises insuring your home, managing your retirement, and caring for your financial well being run on Proof. We have the security, accessibility, and reliability industries demand to secure their business with Proof.

Reduce your fraud risk with identity verification

Have trust in every signature

Proof certifications, approvals, and standards

Proof adheres to strict security standards and regulations validated by thorough third-party assessments. We remain committed to the protection of customer data and accessibility.

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