Verifiable proof

Once your certificate has been downloaded you no longer need to rely on our service to prove the authenticity, integrity, anteriority and ownership of your document, you could do it yourself!

Simply save your " certificate" with your document in a safe place and follow these steps to prove at anytime your document has not been altered and it has been really submitted at this date.

Prove the document is the same and the timestamp is valid:
1 - Generate the file digest using the popular sha256 algorithm.
2 - Check the signed digest in the certificate is valid using the public key (ASN1 OID: secp256k1).
3 - Hash this signed digest using the sha256 algorithm.
4 - Verify the Merkle tree path from this digital proof to the root is valid.
5 - Check the Merkle root is referenced in the OP_RETURN of the Bitcoin transaction.
6 - Check that the submission date of this Bitcoin transaction is equal to the timestamping.
7 - Check that the Bitcoin transaction has been confirmed a minimum of 3 times.

Prove you were the submitter (so potentially the owner) :
You will need to previously save a copy of your "ownership private key" (the same used to sign the timestamped document) and follow these steps to verify:

1 - Ask the person who want to verify to provide you any digest and sign it with the "ownership private key".
2 - Using the same public key included in the timestamping certificate he should verify the new signed digest is valid.