Write "something" and be able to prove "you" written "now":

≡ 100% Legal Worldwide ≡

Thanks to the use of a cutting edge cryptographic algorithm. Breaking it would lead to breaking the Bitcoin digital currency.
No way to cheat:
Your proof will be stored in the "Blockchain", shared by millions computers around the world. It would be impossible to intercept it or tamper with it.
Decentralized trust authority:
Once your document is certified, you don't need to rely on PROOF.com. You can do it yourself with just the certificate.

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Cloe Duchemin
"Great service to make promises given to give up smoking, to loose weight... It's impossible after to claim I never said that!"
Juan Carcia
"Everytime I have a new business idea I immediately write it so after I may prove I thought it before."
Nat Cohen
"With friends we often organize small bets, it's now so easy to verify with PROOF.com, no more disputes."