Be able to prove "you" submitted "this" file "now":

≡ 100% Legal Worldwide ≡

Thanks to the use of a cutting edge cryptographic algorithm. Breaking it would lead to breaking the Bitcoin digital currency.
No way to cheat:
Your proof will be stored in the "Blockchain", shared by millions computers around the world. It would be impossible to intercept it or tamper with it.
Decentralized trust authority:
Once your document is certified, you don't need to rely on You can do it yourself with just the certificate.
Paty Halls
"Thanks, as I was able to prove the agreement we signed few years ago was the original, no changes were made."
David Picon
"As a developer now I submit at every innovative script I create to protect it against possible copy."
Emma Smith
"Now before rent our appartment we timestamp photos so after if something has been altered we can prove it."