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Verify, transact, and secure it with evidence

Developed by Notarizeâ„ , the experts who brought notarization online, Proof verifies identities and secures every transaction to protect your business and your customers.

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More than a signature, it’s Proof

Esign to notarization

One platform for signatures and notarizations

With Proof, businesses can get any agreement signed all on one platform; sign anything that requires a basic signature to a notarization. Deliver a more consistent customer experience  across all of the documents your clients need to sign.

Identity verification with humans in the loop

When machine learning and AI fail, our automated identity verification can step up to a human for review. The Notarize℠ Network not only performs notarizations, but can also serve to verify identities. It’s infinite scale for a human assisted identity verification.

Proof uses dynamic verification for next-level security
Face-to-face confirmation

Face-to-face confirmation in seconds

Meet the trusted referee who can verify an identity even when a notarization is not required. With the power of the Notarizeâ„  Network, notaries answers all calls in less than a second. Available 24/7 and 365 days a year, the network provides notarizations and identity verification whenever your customers choose to sign.

Trust behind every signature

Trust goes beyond collecting a signature on a page. You need proof that someone signed and confidence that a signature is difficult to forge. A signature is bound to a strongly verified identity. Enhanced Signer Identification provides enriched data about every signer.

Fully transparent identity
Built-in fraud protection

Built-in fraud protection

Every time you use your credit card, you’re protected. Every time you sign should be the same. Proof monitors fraud risk in every transaction. When a signature looks suspicious the transaction is flagged for review. With Proof, a line of defense protects your business against forgery and fraud in all critical agreements.

Save your Proof

In the future, every consumer will have a legal identity that has been verified with Proof. Whether you’re buying a car, selling a home, or signing anything important in life, it will all be done with Proof. It will be an instant verification, unlocked with a biometric, without having to scan all your ID documents again.

Proof ID
Coming Soon

The Notarize Network at your service

Our enterprise-grade network of notaries having been serving customers and completing online notarizations since 2015. We’re introducing a new service provided by the Notarize Network to verify an identity and act as a trusted referee. When automated identity verification fails, you now have a human failover that you can trust.

Complete your transactions securely
Notary support
US-wide support

Built to flex,
designed to scale

Your customers want to do things 24/7 even if your business is closed. With Proof, you can serve your customers wherever they are, in whatever timezone and any day of the week. The Notarize Network is always available on demand to complete a notarization or identity verification.

Security behind the signature

Security behind the signature

Proof cryptographically locks the signers identity to the transaction, forever tying them to the document and providing instant verification at any time. Tamper-evident technology protects your documents from being altered.

Enterprise administration

The largest companies run on Proof. Manage multiple lines of businesses and automate user provisioning and access control. Proof provides the level of control and sophistication that large enterprises will need.

Robust access management

Ensure everyone on your team has the right level of access. Provision access with granular permissions and automate everything with your identity provider via an integration with SCIM.

Smart execution platform

Your business, your rules. Create custom policies to route documents based on certain criteria, or use policies to step up the verification based on certain types of risk.

Curate your notaries

Notary Panels allows a business to curate the set of notaries that serve their customers. In the case that your notaries can’t pick up, transactions can overflow to the Notarize Network. Create custom fulfillment rules based on state location, document type or service level to meet all your business requirements.

Enterprise-grade encryption

You can trust Proof with the most sensitive agreements. Enterprise Data Protection empowers your IT team to encrypt data on Proof’s platform with a unique set of keys managed by the enterprise. This level of security ensures no other encryption keys can unlock your data.

Accessible experience

Serve every customer and provide an equitable experience for all. Proof works for those with hearing and vision impairment with a customer experience that meets WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility requirements.

Dynamic fraud protection flow

Instantaneous alerts

When trust is at risk, we step up the verification. For example, if we detect that the ID could be a replica and not the real thing, we can step up to a human for verification.

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It’s time you had Proof

When it matters, get Proof. Start using the platform today for more secure customer transactions