PROOF.com allows to timestamp and optionally securely store documents you may need at a moment to prove ownership, enforce your rights, be ready to defend against potential disputes or simply have a trusted third party track changes.

With the advent of crypto currencies like Bitcoin it has become possible to securely timestamp information in a decentralized fashion, it's what we do at PROOF.com. Data is hashed and placed in the Block chain which serves as a proof of the time that data existed. The proof is due to a tremendous amount of computation performed after the hash was submitted to the block chain. Breaking the timestamp would also lead to breaking the entire integrity of the digital currency.

The interest of our service is that once your document has been timestamped and your certificate downloaded you no longer need to rely on PROOF.com to prove anteriority, authenticity, integrity and ownership of the document.

 We always welcome serious and appealing purchase offers of our digital assets.